Handmade Pottery Art Class

Pottery Class

Pottery is a process of coordination and interaction between the hand, eye, and brain. The intellectual development of children begins from movements. The process of creating pottery not only helps intellectual development but also aids the development of perception, observation, and creativity.

1. It can stimulate creativity

Pottery is a great way for kids to express themselves, including their thoughts, emotions, interests, and knowledge of the outside world. This creative activity requires children to imagine and express themselves through practical creation.

2. It helps the development of artistic sense

The ability to appreciate artworks is based on the pleasure gained by seeing such. In the experience of creating pottery, children can discover and build their love towards art. This mixes with the unconscious learning in our pottery class to maximize the building of art appreciation and nurture the inner artist in every one of our students.

3. It promotes innovativeness and character building

Our pottery class allows students to freely express their creativity in class. They are not restricted in how they present their pottery, whether if it’s rough and irregular or smooth and symmetrical. We focus on letting the children to explore their inner selves with their creations and help them to find their own characters.

4. It builds self-confidence and a sense of achievement

The creation of pottery takes a lot of dedication and effort. Even for a thick line, it has to go through kneeling and grinding not to mention small pottery. However, when children can see their works being glazed and curated into colorful pottery, it can help them build more confidence in hands-on creation.

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