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Fun. Fabulous. Inspiring. Innovative.

These are just some of the words that are used to describe our classes! Every week, we are introducing more students to music and the arts, and helping them through every step of their creative journey. We are on a mission to make our city more vibrant and fun by making it more colourful and musical. Why not join us in Melbourne today?

We understand that everyone learns differently, and want to make sure that we find the perfect class for every student. If you would like to speak with our team or any of our teachers prior to enrolling to discuss special needs, or our teaching approach, please give us a call on 0431 714 763!

Director Meng Tuena

Meng Tuena is a passionate classical pianist/organist and music teacher. She has studied from a number of eminent pianists throughout her music education spanning twenty-four years. She started to learn the piano at the tender age of four and studied with Professor Sheng Xihui and Associate Professor Zhang Yujing from Shenyang Conservatory of Music in China. Here she deepened her love of Classical Music.

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Angela Spencer

Bachelor-qualified Early Childhood Educator

Angela Spencer is a Bachelor-qualified Early Childhood Educator, currently undertaking her Masters in Speech Pathology. With a passion for language and neuroscience, Angela works as an educational consultant; teaching evidence-based strategies aimed at regulating emotions and cultivate social skills to children, educators as well as families and the community. Angela has over 20 years of experience working with children in Australia, India, Europe, and South America, in a wide range of educational contexts.

Angela is an artist and musician, who enjoys nurturing creative expression and problem-solving strategies through the arts. With a passion for assessment, Angela’s tailoured approach to learning incorporates traditional and digital literacies; cultivating a positive association with learning environments through emotionally-enriching experiences. Utilising more than ten years of experience working with children on the spectrum and other forms of neurodiversity, Angela knows how to create a cohesive and inclusive learning environment. Angela’s years of experience in neurodiverse settings inform her practice, resulting in dynamic and engaging lessons.

At Bumblebee Arts Centre Angela provides a range of arts and music-based programs for early, primary and secondary learners. Angela also runs information sessions for parents and community groups, teaching strategies aimed at countering the difficulties associated with learning and behavioural difficulties. Angela is also available for private consultation and additional services aimed at wellbeing and lifelong skill development.

Current lessons being offered at Bumblebee include:

Mixed Media – exploring a range of mediums over the term, from origami to clay, t-shirt design and slime, this class is designed to keep students engaged.

Drawing class – explore portraiture, drawing human and animal figures of your choice, learn how to structure and build characters

Wellbeing class – Starting with a discussion circle, incorporating music, movement and art, this class is designed to provide a fun, safe space for students to express themselves creatively and without judgement.

Digital Art Class – Using iPads and Procreate, students are introduced to artistic concepts and skill application, incorporating traditional art and digital tools. This class is designed for artists who want to build their skills in traditional and digital artistic fields. The course also includes exhibition of works through a range of mediums including an online gallery, t-shirts and other media.

Baby music and movement classes – Develop a love of learning and appreciation of music in a group setting. Classes are dynamic and draw on Angela’s extensive experience in the Early Years, fundamental movement skill development and social-emotional learning.

Anthony Halliday

Piano/Organ Teacher

Anthony Halliday gives piano and organ recitals and concerto performances annually in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, England, Ireland and throughout Australasia. His playing is critically acclaimed by several internationally renowned conductors, Walter Süsskind hailed his performance of Beethoven’s fourth piano concerto as “magnificent”.

During his recent European tours he has performed in Festivals at St. Thomas’ Church Leipzig, Kölner Dom, Berlin, Neuss, Kleve, Paderdorn and Düsseldorf. He was also commissioned by the ancient City of Kleve to compose a large scale piano piece Symphony for Kleve which he premiered. In London he has performed in The Royal Festival Hall, Wigmore Hall, Westminster Abbey, Westminster Cathedral and St Paul’s Cathedral. In Rome he has performed at St Peter’s Basilica, for World Organ Week. His recent CD’S of Piano and organ music include works by Bach, Duruflé, Widor, and his own compositions.

He has had a long association with St. Francis Church as principal organist and as director of St. Joseph’s Collegium at St. Joseph’s West Brunswick.

He became the first artist outside Europe and America invited to give the opening recital in the International Bach Organ Festival in St. Thomas’ Church Leipzig, Germany the famous church where Bach was organist and is now buried. The Leipzig press described him as “One of the great international organists”. He has also performed in the Cologne Cathedral International Organ Festival and Festivals in Paderborn, Dusseldorf, and Kevelaer. During his 2015 tour the Bonn press described him as “Hercules of the keyboard”.

He has received numerous prizes including all the Fellowship prizes at the Royal College of Organists London, and the Silver Medal of The Worshipful Company of Musicians London. He won first prize playing Bartok’s virtuosic second piano concerto in the A.B.C. Commonwealth Concerto Competition just five years after beginning to learn piano.

In 2012 he collaborated with Sir Charles MacKerras in arranging MacKerras’ complex triple Fugue for eight pianos for Steinway celebrations at the Sydney Opera House. Anthony Halliday has also composed several commissioned works including large scale masses and motets for choir, orchestra and soloists and organ pieces Fantasy on Lutheran Chorales and Fantasy on Easter Hymns. He was recently commissioned to compose a cycle of symphonic orchestrations of traditional hymns of Ireland. His recent CD’s of piano music feature works by Händel, Beethoven, Liszt, Saint-Saëns and Shafton. He has recorded all 32 sonatas for pianoforte by Beethoven and recently performed from memory the complete 48 preludes and fugues of the Well Tempered Clavier by J. S Bach.

Ellie Lee Po Lam

Piano Teacher

Ellie started playing piano when she was 10, and cello at the age of 14. For her piano, She passed performance diploma (ATCL) and grade 8 from Trinity College London. For her cello, she passed grade 6 from abrsm. In 2019, she won the first-runner up piano competition from Hong Kong schools Music and Speech Association. Now, she is in the pathway of studying bachelor of music and psychology in Monash university, piano taught by Tomoe Kawabata.

Lao Chi Nam

Violin Teacher

I was born in Macau and I start learning violin and piano since I was eight. I went to a Canadian high school when I was 17, my music teacher in that high school encouraged my passion toward music. Since then, music became the most important thing in my life. I am currently a bachelor student in the music school of Monash University, learning from Australian violinists Kirstin Kenny.


Choirs Teacher

Choirs are a beneficial and enjoyable way of participating in music, allowing children to engage musically with one another, and to learn valuable skills such as intonation and blending with others, performance skills, and collaboration. Group singing is proven to support behavioural and psychological development in young people, whilst also offering an opportunity for fun and social interaction with peers. Bumblebee’s choir aims to be educational, but is more importantly a non-pressurised environment where children have the opportunity to sing with one another and have fun.

Originally from Sydney, Milly is a Classical Voice student currently completing her Bachelor of Music degree at the University of Melbourne. She is a passionate music student with a love of teaching and childhood education.

Milly started piano lessons at 7, and saxophone at 11, and has been playing and singing ever since. She has been involved in choirs since the age of nine, when she joined the Australian Girls’ Choir in Sydney and the Sydney Children’s Choir, and is currently a chorister scholar at the Queen’s College Choir.

Her performance experience is varied, ranging from vocal solos at the Sydney Opera House, and festival and Eisteddfod performances, to jazz gigs, choral concerts, and performances with the professional singing group ‘Davey T and the Aces.’ She is also very passionate about musical theatre, and has performed the principal roles of Cinderella in the university’s performance of ‘Into the Woods,’ Svetlana in MLC School’s production of Chess, and has been involved in Manly Musical Society’s productions in Sydney.

Milly has AMEB and Trinity qualifications in singing, tenor saxophone and piano, and a high level of music theory knowledge.

Michelle Wang

Piano Teacher

Michelle Wang started playing piano in China when she was six. In 2012 she moved to Melbourne, where she completed her VCE in Music Performance at Strathmore Secondary College. In 2015, she was admitted by the University of Melbourne to study a Bachelor of Music.

In 2008, she passed the Chinese Musician’s Association Piano Performance, Grade 10 and her accolades include: Gold Prize for the China Future Star Competition in the teenagers group (2008) and Gold Prize at the China Korea Talent show (2012) amongst many more.

She is now taught by, Ms. Elizabeth Mitchell at Melbourne University.

A keen dancer, she teaches Kpop dance and is a number of “The Sense” Kpop dance crew. She has also started to teach Kpop and Street Jazz to the Melbourne University Chinese Music Group this year.

Sibin Lu

Piano Teacher

Sibin has completed bachelor of music (piano performance) from monash uni in 2019, and has more than ten years of experience in teaching piano. Sibin teaches in English and Mandarin.

He finds passion in helping students to pass their AMEB/VCE piano exams, with quite a few tricks up his sleeves to annhilate any obstacle students may face: rhythm, pulse, phrasing...; how to practice effectively to build the muscle memory faster; and nerve control.

He also teaches theory efficiently, so there's the whole package for you, one of his students doing grade 4 theory ordered 10 lessons but passed after 5, thus dropping the rest of the lessons, but Sibin does not care, because he believes it's all about the outcome and not the income.

In his spare time he collects pop songs, anime songs and tv drama songs, because he knows there are students who's goals are not to do music in university but as a hobby. He enjoys sharing his collection of high quality, error proof scores that cater to people of different levels.

Go to Sibin if you wish to learn how to read music faster and to produce sounds on the piano that are pleasant to the ear, while getting a few certificates on the way.

Thomas Tuena

Business Manager, Singer, Guitar Teacher

Thomas Tuena began instrumental lessons at the age of 7 and since then his love for music has developed into a full time occupation. Thomas is originally from the country town of Shepparton and began performing regularly at the local “Yahoo bar” when he was 17. He moved to Melbourne in 2003 and completed an Advanced Diploma of Music Performance at Box Hill Institute in 2007. Since then has been performing regularly at weddings, bars, cafes and festivals in Melbourne and across country Victoria.

Thomas began writing and recording music at the age of 14 and in 2011 he released his debut album “The River” to a sold out show at the Chapel off Chapel in Prahran. He continues to craft songs in various music groups throughout the week and is currently working on a second album. Thomas began teaching privately whilst studying at Box Hill Tafe and has predominantly taught primary aged students for the past 10 years. He is passionate in seeing students reach their full potential teaching skills such as: sight reading, writing, theory, how to practice, aural and improvisation. Thomas is currently teaching at Mckinnon Arts Centre and Learn Music in Kew.

A majority of Thomas’s time is currently dedicated to facilitating music programs for people with special needs. He is committed to creating opportunities for all participants to enjoy music with each program being performance based integrating; songwriting, movement and instrumental instruction. Thomas is currently facilitating music programs for Villa Maria Catholic Homes, W.A.T.C.H. Disability services Inc, Belgrave South Community House, Araluen, Maroondah City Council and The Pioneers. Not only has Thomas’ love for music become a full time occupation it has also enriched his life by connecting him with many amazing and inspiring people. He looks forward to working together with you in the near future.

Sol Kingston

Guitar Teacher

Sol Kingston is a 19 year old student of Melbourne University currently studying Jazz & Improvisation for guitar alongside Biology.

Sol began learning guitar at the age of 9, and immediately gained a passion for music and immersed himself in his Primary School’s band playing old and modern pop songs. Later on during High School, Sol joined the Theatre production and also obtained a busking license allowing Sol to busk on the streets of Melbourne, playing a range of classical and fingerstyle pieces from well-known players such as Tommy Emmanuel and Andy McKee. During High School, Sol completed VCE Music Performance in 2016, achieving the highest ATAR among his whole year level in the subject. After VCE, Sol did a year at Boxhill Institute studying Music and then moved to Melbourne University to study Jazz & Improvisation at the Conservatorium among many other talented musicians.

Sol’s experiences in musical projects, gigs, institutes and teaching have taught him how to play a wide range of musical styles including: Classical, jazz, blues, rock, funk, country, fingerstyle and metal. Furthermore, Sol believes that it is important to take musical education seriously and give students a comprehensive understanding of most aspects of music, but to do so in a fun and accessible way to keep students interested and enjoying their pathway towards becoming a better musician.

Anna Xu

Bachelor-qualified Early Childhood Educator






2018年在墨尔本创立“MEL Ceramic”墨尔本陶艺工作室




2019年作品参展Chinese Australian Contemporary Artists 巡回展

2019年在C A C Artists 做艺术嘉宾



Piano Teacher

Mathilda began to learn the violin at the age of ten, she is studying music performance at Monash University.

In 2012, she was admitted to Tianjin conservatory of music for four years of professional practice, during which she learned from WenRui, a teacher who had studied in Tchaikovsky college in Russia.

In 2016, she was interviewed for admission to Monash University, and now her teacher is Kirstin Kenny, the deputy chief of Melbourne symphony orchestra.

Velicia Loura

Piano Teacher

Hi! My name is Velicia Loura, I began taking piano lessons at the age of 7 and I have completed Grade 8 ABRSM Piano Examination. I'm currently in my first year of Bachelor of Classical Music Performance at Monash University. Music has always been an important part of my life.  It has brought me a sense of joy and peace.  One of the greatest joys as a music teacher is watching my students become musicians in their own right. Then they can experience the joy of music making for themselves. My goal is to share this excitement and to use my knowledge to help instill a love of music in my work with students of all ages. Creating a fun environment for learning while challenging the student to achieve more than they think they can is very important to me. I love sharing the joy of music and learning!


Piano Teacher

Hong Yue Lo, Tobey is a Melbourne-based pianist. She was born and raised in Hong Kong, and is currently studying the Bachelor of Music at the University of Melbourne. She started playing piano at the age of 7 and completed her ATCL exam when she reached 15. She also participated in many competitions and concerts such as Hong Kong School Music Festival and concerts held by the university.

As a music lover she hopes her passion in piano can be shared to the others. Instead of forcing her students she focuses on arousing her students’ interest. So the student not only acquire an exam-oriented skill but also enjoyment in piano.

Wensi Sun

Arts Teacher

Wensi Sun educated to Master’s Degree level in Fine Arts, specializing in oil painting. After graduating several years ago, She taught drawing and painting skills to degree students at the Dalian Nationalities University in the Liaoning province of China. She have many years’ experience for tutoring different ages art students. She can teach multi-material and styles of painting and drawing.


Lorenzo has been passionate about music since a very young age. He has started studying guitar at the age of 13 under the guidance of Marco Iacobini, a reknown session musician active in Italy and overseas. After achieving his graduation in Linguistics and Teaching at the University of Siena, Lorenzo has travelled across several countries in Europe working as a Language and Music Teacher, the highlight of his career being obtaining a teaching position at the prestigious Dante Alighieri Society of Vienna. Upon moving back to Melbourne in 2014, Lorenzo has started a Bachelor Degree in Music at Victoria University while furthering his music teaching career working for several schools in the city. Lorenzo he's also a studio and a session musician having collaborated and performed with a number of bands through the years. His guitar work can be heard on "Back to the 60s Vol. 1", "An Italian Christmas" and "Buongiorno Italia" albums by the Forza Italia Showband, all albums available on Spotify. He's also a composer and producer, having written and published his self-produced solo albums "Every Moment Counts" and "Hyper / Real" also available for listening on Spotify. Lorenzo has recently joined the BumbleBee Arts Centre Family and he's thrilled to embark onto this new journey together with you all!


VCE teacher

Hi, my name is Steven. I will be studying a graduate package of science/engineering at Melbourne University. Having completed year 12 in 2020, I’ve achieved an ATAR of 99.20 with a study score of 48 in Mathematical Methods and 40+ in EAL, Specialist Mathematics, and Chinese as a First Language, and I am supremely confident in teaching mathematics from year 7-12.


VCE teacher

Hey everyone!I’m Oscar. I graduated in 2020 with an ATAR of 99.95 and have already amassed over 50 hours of face-to-face and online tutoring experience. This year, I’m offering individual and group tutoring sessions for the following subjects: Methods [47], Specialist [47], Chemistry [50], Literature [50], UCAT [3450].